Information and Guide about the neighborhood Puerto, Mar del Plata, Costa Atlántica

Information and Guide about the neighborhood Puerto, Mar del Plata, Costa Atlántica

Puerto, Costa Atlántica - Mar del Plata

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The Puerto (Harbor) of the City of Mar del Plata plays a very important role in the development of the economic, cultural, and social life of Mar del Plata. It is known as one of the largest harbors in the country and is the most important gastronomical location in the city of Mar del Plata.

The harbor was inaugurated in the year 1922 and its construction was lead by the company Société Nationale de Travaux Publics (from France). In the harbor there is the naval base of Mar del Plata, overseas docks with silos, sport sector, passenger docks, and fishing sections.

The Mar del Plata Harbor is protected by two important breakwaters called the North and South. From the south breakwater an exceptional view of Punta Mogotes and Paya Chica can be seen.

Close to the beginning of the harbor you can se the "Reserva de Lobos Marinos" (Sea Lion Reserve). It is a continental colony of around 800 male animals that were declared a Natural Monument in the year 1994.

Mar del Plata
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Latest Rental Apartments and Property Lettings in Puerto

Chalet BERMEJO Puerto...- "Salerno properties" alkyl excellent villa category "for demanding" consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms one with bath, kitchen six by four meters., Living in six by six meters, a large utility...
Chalet BERMEJO Puerto
Apartment ELCANO Puerto
Apartment ELCANO Puerto...- "salerno properties". playa grande.

beautiful and comfortable apartment on Calle Elcano acha.consta and two bedrooms, dining kitchen, utility room, bathroom.
with balcony overlook...

Town House FIGUEROA ALCORTA Puerto...- "salerno properties" alem 3805.playa big sea of plata.
rent house in the background with patio below. Two bedrooms, kitchen / dining room, garage ... opportunity for value and location!
Town House FIGUEROA ALCORTA Puerto...- "salerno properties" alem 3805.playa big sea of plata.
rent house in the middle, with the front and patio garden with barbeque atrás.dos bedrooms, dining kitchen, dining area and garage.lumino...

Apartment URQUIZA Puerto...- "salerno pripiedades" alem 3805.playa big. Mar del Plata

hire opportunity! Apartment first floor staircase, external balcony saliente.consta three bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, parking f...
Apartment URQUIZA Puerto
Apartment Urquiza Puerto
Apartment Urquiza Puerto...- "salerno properties. alem 3805.playa grande.mar of plata.

alkyl in Urquiza and fair juan b, near supermarket, schools, etc.
apartment with three bedrooms, kitchen, laundry separad...

Latest Apartments and Properties For Sale and To Buy in Puerto

Town House vieytes Puerto...- sold the townhome apartment faces the street on p. high. 3 ambts. 62 m2. without charge. in san jose area 1 block from avd. B.Justo juan (vieytes and dorrego). a few blocks from the fac. engineering...
Town House vieytes Puerto
House san julian de vivorata Puerto
House san julian de vivorata Puerto...- 600m2 lot 15 mins from downtown Mar del plata stationed in a forest reserve oceanfront park with fruit and evergreen fence 2m high, sisterna system, water tower and tank. 2 storey brick and hardwood...

Development Plot Acha Puerto...Estructura para construir 2.200m2 sobre lote de 1610m2. Mas lotes linderos de 1052m2 y 1078m2. Total 3740m2. EN BLOK O POR SEPARADO...
Development Plot Acha Puerto
Commercial 12 de Octubre Puerto
Commercial 12 de Octubre Puerto...Importante local de 700m2 cubiertos. En tres plantas de gran altura y libre de columnas. Apto instituciones, mutuales, entidades financieras. Sobre lote de 8,66 x 34,64 mts....

House Rosales Puerto...- living room, kitchen with dining room, toilet, laundry, 3 bathrooms (1 full), 3 bedrooms. playroom. garage. barbecue area with barbeque. raidadores heating. large park. Local space possible....
House Rosales Puerto
Apartment antartida argentina y mario bravo Puerto
Apartment antartida argentina y mario bravo Puerto...- owner sells apartment 3 main rooms. SOIP in the neighborhood of the high street gives a panoramic view of the city of Mar del Plata, large main rooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and two bedrooms...

Town House Fleming Puerto...- townhouse for sale to give the shopping street john b. just. path of the sun, bright, separate entrance and own air space suitable for building. no bills for utilities (gas, electricity etc..)....
Town House Fleming Puerto
Apartment Rivas Puerto
Apartment Rivas Puerto...- apartment in san carlos 4 blocks from Ger. 3 large main rooms on ground floor facing the street, semi covered patio. low bills for utilities (gas, electricity etc.)....