Information and Guide about the neighborhood Plaza Colón, Mar del Plata, Costa Atlántica

Information and Guide about the neighborhood Plaza Colón, Mar del Plata, Costa Atlántica

Plaza Colón, Costa Atlántica - Mar del Plata

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The Plaza Colón like we have already commented on in This Guide is located inside the Center of The City of Mar del Plata together with the Casino Central, the Hotel Provincial, and the Nueva Rambla.

The Plaza covers a surface area of four hectares and while walking through it many important monuments can be found:
- Isabél la Católica
- Venus de Milo
- Mujer Bañandose
- Cristóbal Colón

There are various tourist oriented services that are centered around this famous square, such as boat excursions, and child excursions, that both start from the Plaza Colon. Aquarium entrances can also be purchased here, as well as many other things.

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Latest Rental Apartments and Property Lettings in Plaza Colón

Apartment FALUCHO Plaza Colón...- excellent studio apartment, 28.53 m2 covered-sup.totalmente.: 31.18. balcony: 2.65 front-2-th floor furnished / equipped for 4 sold furnished-a sofa with 2 beds and 2 sofas simple box-ba...
Apartment FALUCHO Plaza Colón
Apartment Colón Plaza Colón

Apartment Belgrano Plaza Colón...- living room, kitchen with breakfast area, 2 bathrooms, 3 rooms (one with balcony), parking space / garage....
Apartment Belgrano Plaza Colón
Apartment Lamadrid Plaza Colón
Apartment Lamadrid Plaza Colón...Mar del plata -centro Alquilo dpto 1amb en L .La madrid 2425 3 piso a la calle c/Balcon. Entre gascon y falucho. Cocina separada, baño multifaz(solo ducha) .TV.ceramicas nuevas.Colchones nuevos.El ...

Parking Space Sarmiento y colon Plaza Colón...- rent parking space / garage area and colon in Mar del Plata branch monthly rent parking space / garage roofed building branch and colon area, easy access with automatic gate and security 24 hours, $...
Parking Space Sarmiento y colon Plaza Colón
Apartment Santa Fe Plaza Colón
Apartment Santa Fe Plaza Colón...- The River Plate 4 main rooms w / balcony category, parking / garage fixed 100m2. s / av.santa faith in 2400 and Mar. 6 blocks Falucho rent $ .2.000 .-...

Latest Apartments and Properties For Sale and To Buy in Plaza Colón

Apartment moreno Plaza Colón...- apartment is located in the heart of Mar del Plata, the ubilcación, tan and Santiago del Estero, 3 blocks pedestrian building san martin category is very well built, dating back about 30 years. appr...
Apartment moreno Plaza Colón
Apartment Lamadrid Plaza Colón
Apartment Lamadrid Plaza Colón...- Sea platform 1amb sell apartment in downtown l. madrid 2425 the 3rd floor to the street w / balcony. between Gascon and felucca. kitchen, multifaz bathroom (shower only). tv.ceramicas nuevos.acepto ...

Apartment Almirante Brown Plaza Colón...- sale apartment 2 main rooms, 40sqm, internal, with parquet floors, separate kitchen, lower utility bills for utilities (gas, electricity etc..) ($ 400 monthly), needs minor repairs. brown in Admiral...
Apartment Almirante Brown Plaza Colón
Apartment Falucho Plaza Colón
Apartment Falucho Plaza Colón...OPPORTUNITY: Department of 1 environment to the street with French balcony in Falucho 2200, wide 36m ², integrated kitchen, I bathe with tub, very luminously, path of the Sun. Good condition of conser...

Apartment Av Colon Plaza Colón...- for sale for travel, semipiso 3 bedrooms, large living room, 2 full bathrooms 1 toilet, kitchen with breakfast area, terraced balcony, patio, laundry, recently renovated to new, very bright, and pal...
Apartment Av Colon Plaza Colón
Apartment avda colon Plaza Colón
Apartment avda colon Plaza Colón...- furnished apartment and furnished / equipped ready to live, just meters from san luis and Córdoba, diagonal view to the miter square, 4 blocks from Plaza Colon / promenade and pedestrian 4 san marti...

Apartment lamadrid Plaza Colón...- Full apartment with 2 traditional main building rooms paris 2. Colon square area 2 blocks from the beach and promenade. the apartment is fully furnished and rents for temporary stays. has a living r...
Apartment lamadrid Plaza Colón
Apartment Avda. Colon Plaza Colón
Apartment Avda. Colon Plaza Colón...- apartment 2 main rooms. the street side, overlooking the sea. excellently located 1 block from the beach, casino, overlooking the street to the hotel hermitage, 3 blocks of Guemes, 3 blocks from Pla...